EQUOS – Horse Time

I found myself this morning drifting through some old notes I had made surrounding the old Celtic calendar. As I read through one in particular sprung out at me: Equos.

celtic1I recalled that it ran approximately from the middle of June, to the middle of July, so in essence a period of time that we had just passed on from. Equos – or Horse Time as it translates was known to be an important period of time to the Celts, but one which is now documented as having little contemporary resonance; often those studying the Celtic calendar are directed to consider seeking an alternative more meaningful interpretation or symbolic image for this period.

Well I wish to intercede!

When I found myself considering my own experiences of “Horse Time” I found very real value in its name, and an incredible illustration of how the universe provides. Personally, in that exploration I found much direct resonance.

My Equos has been a very real horse time – more intense (and diverse) than any that I have spent with horses. I found myself travelling – almost it seemed without break – in the name of horses.  My equine facilitated learning commitments with HorseHeard had me travelling the length of the M4 on a weekly basis to Celtic lands (i.e. Wales) – and in these travels I have been welcomed into the homes and hearts of many good people and their horses. So many of these visits are firsts: new places; new faces; new horses. New friends.

In addition to this I connected with my own Celtic blood. Not bad for a 50 year old.

I started my journey visiting new equine friends Glastonbury (at Horse Haven) on route to Wales, quickly returning for a equine healing weekend which has had a deeply spiritual impact on all those that were present – and thereafter I seemed to find myself returning each week of Equos – the universe gifting “excuses” – healing work; Mindful Horse workshops magic’d from nowhere, and new ones to be planned. Even the opportunity to truly recognise the Shaman within my soul.

This equine odyssey thence extended – The Preselli hills, Newport flood-plains, The upper Thames Valley, the celtic3Somerset/Gloucestershire border and the foothills of the Mendips. All in the name of the horse; all in Horse Time. An unprecedented and clearly intended personal journey.

Everywhere I went I drummed. This drumming through Equos has become a resonance of souls – touching, resonating, healing and releasing. My drum carries something of those souls it has touched – and some of that universal horseness it now carries to every new horse. A universal healing horseness which it shares with those it now touches, or actually more often those that touch it. I have learnt much from the horses of this modality (which I will explore in a later blog).

It has been a time of reconnection. A time to reset the focus. Remember the message and why it is so important to me and to those I encounter. A short few weeks to set context and remind myself of the need to believe. I have long since offered myself to horses and their lives, sometimes I drift from that path, but when I do they find special ways to bring me back. I am indebted to horsekind.

I am touched by the people who for almost no apparent reason drew me into their homes – inviting me to come and spend Horse Time with them and there horses. And to the horses for always opening their hearts to me with such honesty.


(c) The Mindful Horse

(The images used here are not my own)


5 thoughts on “EQUOS – Horse Time

  1. In oriental astrology, June is the month of the horse! Even though most likely in olden times it went from new moon in Gemini.. Till the last moments before the following new moon.

    Horses were one of the many shape shifter animals of which the most remembered is Zeus, who could also be a bull, a ram, or if remember right also a swan. They could also be dragons in hiding..

    Drum for all of creation, never know when the ancient ones are listening..
    even trees enjoy sounds..

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