Good vibrations

As I develop my drumming I have started to contemplate the energies which vibrate around us. I wanted to share that exploration in this extended post. I hope that you find it interesting.

Everything vibrates. Everything that exists carries its own subtle vibrational signature. Some of those we are familiar with such as an individual voice. Some less so.

We connect with those vibrations through our senses – what we then do with that information is what crafts our own individual realities. If I were blind I would obviously be less influenced by “the look” of objects around me, but because I fail to see it does it mean that I cannot perceive its form or would it cease to exist?img_5428

That is an extreme case, however how much that we receive do we remain consciously aware of? Often we are simply seeking those things that sustain our definitions of our own reality – let’s face it we are not generally looking for any new reality most of the time. Again to take an extreme case, actually how many people are really comfortable with the effects of hallucinogenic drugs – how many talk of the bad trip – but what is a bad trip, but a sensory experience that throws our consciousness way beyond is own comfort zone: less extreme, think of those weird dreams or nightmares. In all cases these alternative states are absolute realities at the time we are experiencing them.

But in these cases the world does not “just change around us” – in those moments we just perceive it differently.

And this gets me thinking, in many ways though we are all actually blind and deaf. The primacy of these senses in lead our awareness but they are limited in each one of us. Think of our limit visual and auditory capacities, our ability to process this information is limited to very specific boundaries – when we talk of audible frequencies we define a range – but does sound stop there? Of course not. A neighbours had one of those alarms that “annoyed” teenagers – my children hated being near that house – I never had an issue. Who was right?

In a week where we have finally “found” gravitational waves – something that Einstein knew of but our scientific sensory apparatus was until now incapable of apprehending. And now we can. Through adaption we can now sense the vibrational pulse of those waves. Of the universe.drumming2

Like the vibrations of everyday life around us on the earth– they exist we just have not yet calibrated our sensory apparatus to the connection. So what if we could?

As I am drumming I am beginning to realise that this is not just sound, not just a rhythm. It is a vibration and as a vibration it carries information, and as such it is a communication. It is just a language that my neurons have not yet created the complex pathways needed to translate into a form I fully comprehend. What I am learning though is that there is a commonality which stretches beyond the individual existence or even species, and further.

When we drum together we are drawn together into an alignment of vibration – a common soundscape, a single vibration.

Drumming with another species similar draws our vibrations together – it creates a common connection between us, it creates a communication. Just because a formal vocabulary does not exist to define it, it is there. Those who drum and those who share the space recognise and acknowledge this.

This language without form is liberating for the soul – it creates a bond beyond the constructs of rational (or some might say abstractness of) language. It is the simply the communication of existence. It opens a pathway from which we can accept the message of vibration – be it simply a “hello, I’m here, I am alive!” to something more complex like a call for (or giving of) energetic or emotional healing.

Think of traditional cultures where the drummer (the medicine man, the shaman) sits at the very (beating) heart of the tribes well-being. The shaman travels across alternative levels of consciousness or vibrations which take him to other realms, upper worlds, lower worlds, inner worlds … to ancestors, to the spirits of other living things. For these folk it is not about learning new pathways or developing interpretations of other sensory input. They have it.

Perhaps we have simply complied with that evolutionary shift that exists within the “use it or lose it” paradigm. We simply do no “need” those connection to other vibrations.

Need them or not, they are still there – for example, music still moves us all – and often in an irration2016-04-02 18.08.54al way.

Shamanism and healers are returning to our cultures.

Dowsers seeming connect with unseen energies in the landscape, finding unseen energy lines or water beneath the ground – many power companies often “secretly” employ such services to locate underground piping and cables.

We have chosen as a mass culture to accept only what we see or hear, limiting to those things that we already have a processing model for in our heads but we also have a heart and opening that heart can offer us a means of both shifting our own vibrational emissions and connecting with those of others.

We have the tools, we need simply need to fire them up and practice extending the perception of information so received. It is a slow process, we don’t learn to talk in 2 weeks, but even though we are born neither walking or talking, in most cases we all still end up pretty proficient at it.

(c) the mindful horse (2016)