Healing the Healing Tree

2015-01-11 07.44.38   This is a short observation about what seemed to be a random act of compassion. But part of me wonders ….

Returning from a family visit I was drawn to take a route through some old woodland which was not along my usually chosen route – and one which meant I would miss all the petrol stations and so not particularly logical given that I was low on fuel. Still I went. Driving through those trees I quickly knew that I had to find a place to pull over and explore. 

Finding an appropriate place I parked, well actually skidded through the deep mud. Locked up my car and wondered off into the trees. I let my intuition lead me. What was I looking for, a relaxing walk? Good photos? A little meditative space?

2015-01-10 14.27.07My route took no real form. Allowing myself to being drawn intuitively to different trees.

As one walks around woodland, if we look properly we do not just see trees; some of them are perfect and majestically formed, some twisted and bent into almost supernatural shapes, some clustered in little faery circles or entwined, growing old in a shared embrace, some obviously unhealthy or deceased.

2015-01-10 14.37.09    I realised that I was seeking out the unhealthy, or what I would actually prefer to call the healers, those that act as a negative energy sink for the life around them. A selfless act of protection, not necessarily of choice, often no more than a misfortune of position; lying on or proximate to lines of energy flow.

Soon I was aware that my direction had changed and that I was now following a roughly west to east line, parallel to the road (but about 300m into the woods). It was along that line that the worst of the marked trees seemed to occur.

As I found them, I stopped with each of them for a while. Engaging. Acknowledging. And in so doing offering compassion. The very act of acknowledging a living force hitherto (or long) ignored is a healing in its own way.

2015-01-11 07.49.13   I continued to follow this unmarked path, my trousers and socks being snagged by thorns and fallen branches. As I progressed it seemed that the trees I found were increasing in their marking. Eventually I reached one so deformed it was beast like in its shape.

2015-01-10 14.52.19   In fact it was one of those great mythical beasts of mixed parentage like the Griffin or the Chimera. She stood there silent. Watching. Could she be standing sentinel, was she a guardian spirit.

And then my eyes caught it. Almost hidden by human intervention, beside a small planted clutch of Fir trees. I have read of the community of forest, and of mother trees that watch over and connect to those growing around. Protecting them. The old and wise matriarchs of woodland.

There she stood a skeleton of Elm. Her body a mass of growths and cankers and at ground level an eerie, almost alien, think cluster of shapeless sinuous shoots growing out of her to a height of about 2m.

She stood proud. Baring the scars of energetic touch, her own benevolent intent and the intervention of man. But for all this she was majestic. A singularly unique being in that area of forest.

2015-01-10 14.56.01      2015-01-10 14.56.40

I approached and asked her permission to engage.

She was willing to accept but only in a healing capacity. I grounded myself beside the great buttressed of her root base and placed my hands against the lattice work of her aging bark and allowed her discomfort and negative energy to be drawn out and through me, to be cleansed and released back to the world, healed as pure white light. Offering back to her throughout, the golden light of the Universe’s love and compassion.

I stopped and asked if she was ok. Her response was positive and she was open to continuing the process.

2015-01-11 07.45.06   I returned my hands to her bark and started to draw her energy through me – this time it was a flood – like a dam burst rushing up through my body, I almost fell over. It was intoxicating me. Almost trance inducing in its impact, I knew my body was swaying as the healing process continued. If she had been a horse, at this time there would have been the most enormous yawn of release.

I am not sure how long this continued.

When the healing process drew to a close, my intuition picked up one short phrase: “You are doing it right, you are doing what you should.”

And as I bid her farewell and walked back to try and find my car I felt her caress deep within me. A caress that stayed with me as I drove slowly back to London. A caress that also expressed a gratitude, a gratitude which spoke of the deep and compassionate healing effect that comes from the simple act of acknowledging.

2015-01-10 15.10.29The love she carries for everything living around her has touched my own soul, and I still feel it within me today. And I know I can access that whenever I choose.

This morning I drew an oracle card for meditation, I drew a tree. Please note there are only three in the selection of 52 images. So I wonder, as I did above, was it really a random act of compassion?

You tell me.


(c) The Mindful Horse

 (Silhouette images from “Celtic Oracles”, Rosemarie Anderson, 1998)




2 thoughts on “Healing the Healing Tree

  1. Thank You Rosemarie for sharing this. Trees, as are plants are all very healing and like you, I felt the same in that I see one tree that seems to sorta standout… drawing you to it. I often chuckle and smile when I notice a familiar shape in the way the tree’s outline appears at any given moment. I often find myself visiting one so old and so damaged tree, yet she appears to be a healthy youngster. She amazes me with each new season. I can still remember the poem called “The Tree” from grade school. Trees were never the same after that. Grandmother as I call her is a Sycamore and I had one out front of my childhood home. Maybe that is why there is that connection. Maybe, there is more. One of these days, I will have to ask. I could send you some of my photos of her. You would be astounded of what you see. I just can’t believe that she is hundreds of years old, most of her is gone, yet she is still growing bigger and more awesome with each new day. Gotta love her.

    Dolores Cobb Phifer
    York PA

    • Rosemarie, one more thing. Since all is creation, and all have that Spark of the Creator… we are all one. Everything that has breath… we twoleggeds, fourleggeds, winged, crawlers, and swimmers expend carbon dioxide, trees, shrubs, and plants take in our carbon dioxide and give us oxygen, what we most need… what they need most. There is a give and take, a balance as you will. We need them as much as they need us. Many forget this fact. We cannot live without the other. It has been scientifically proven that plants thrive with our loving and kind words and whither and die with our harsh and hateful words. Water, responds in a similar way… water makes beautiful crystals with loving and kind words and chaotic and misshapen crystals with unkind and hateful words. YouTube is full of examples. Water, like air… we all need it. We twoleggeds respond no less differently, as do our horses and other pets… our companions on this journey. You are so right, acknowledgment, kindness, and gratefulness go a long way.

      Dolores Cobb Phifer
      York, PA

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