I am no one.

I am no one. I am nothing. And in my nothingness, I am everything.

I am not a title. Nor am I some sum total of experiences or acquired qualifications. Nor am I my thoughts. Nor my actions.

What am I? I am just I am.

I am whatever arises in the moment. I am a sympathetic response to stimuli.

I might be some being that stands before a horse in this moment, and then this moment, and then another. I am a chain of single moments.

And as I stand before that horse, I stand before the world. What you see is what you get – this is it. I am not some vessel that transports hidden depths. I just stand in each moment.

I stand in compassion.

And there, I share all that I have to share. And receive what you may choose to offer. 

I will take nothing. For I am nothing.

I am just I am.

I know that WE are energy. I know that in energy we are one. The same. Each different. Like spilt ink, in form we are the same, yet in outline unique.

We are nothing. And in nothingness we are everything.

And as we recognise that everything, we appreciate that we are one. And that everything, everything is one. The same in form, yet in outline unique.

Flora or fauna; air, earth or water.

I stand proud to be one. Because as one, I am you, each of you. And together we are everything.

Walk with me. Breathe with me. Be with me.

Without you, I am no one.