Letting nature do the talking – body dowsing

I am increasingly familiar with the feeling on arriving at stables that I am welcomed there for the horses. Inviting me into their space, or seeking love’s soft touch. What is new though is that getting a similar feeling in nature’s open spaces.

2015-02-08 10.50.44Increasingly I feel embraced by the forest. A real soul connection. Here is a place to touch the sky; here is a place to bury yourselves in the depths or the earth. In short a place to travel beyond the thin physical reality that the human physical form appears to be limited to. In it not without reason that the tree lies at the heart of traditional Celtic and Nordic views of the Universe.

Walking in the forest beside Bewl water this morning I could feel the chakra points in my hands burning with the touch of recognition, an external recognition, as if the forest were saying “Hi we know you” or more perhaps “Welcome, we know you know of us”.

As a dowser I am familiar with binary communication available with energy sources but (as a human, therefore lazy) I decided not to take my pendulum out; instead I was drawn to allowing myself to relax into the energies, letting them flow through me, drawing them up through the my Hara, my ancient soul.

I soon became aware of small involuntary movements in my body, particularly my lower arms. And then I clocked. My arms had become pendulums, gently circling in response to my questioning – there is the silence I could question the trees and they could respond through my physicality.2015-02-08 12.11.54

A simple, and yet profound, realization and an incredible connection to explore in the future.

We really are one family; it is not always about conversing, or knowledge, or divination. Sometimes it is just an an acknowledging. A recognition. A simple acceptance of life.

2015-02-08 10.41.53

(c) The Mindful Horse



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