Namaste is a true expression of connection and equality which I do not think has a single reflection in the English language. Of the various definitions that exist, I have always liked:

                              “The Divine light in me acknowledges the Divine light in you.”

The word invokes a sense of sharing, a spiritual connection and creates a sense and feeling of oneness and balance. Essentially, it’s a way that all humans can connect. Actually it is a way that “life” connects. It is a statement of equality and mutual respect. It is a word we need to use more.

And I believe it is a word that we need to share with our horses. In fact it is the deeper intention that lies within its meaning, that we must share with our horses.

Because we spend so much time with them obsessed with some kind of training objective we shift our focus too quickly to what they are not, not what they are. In fact we often do it to ourselves as well. In both cases we deny skills, strengths and value – be they physical, mental or emotional, human or equine.

Your horse is a as good at being a horse as you are at being a human – maybe even better as they do not obsess with material distractions and mobile phones (LOL) – respect that. You are not training her to be a horse, you are training her to do what you need her to do.

Remember to find time for the horse within your project.

When you present yourself to a horse, present yourself as no more than a living equal. Offer her Namaste.

In so doing acknowledge the sentience of the being before you.

Honour the existence of the divine within you both.


(c) The Mindful Horse (picture courtesy of Linda Broomfield).