Reflection, release and rebirth

Following my morning meditation I drew some runes yesterday – it felt like there was a message to be shared.

uruzMy first, Uruz – the rune of termination and new beginnings. A journey into the darkness where that which needs to be released can die and be left behind, creating space and opportunity from which new hopes and opportunities might be born.

The second, Thutisaz – the rune of the gateway. A rune which invites us to stop, setthurisaztle briefly into inaction, suspend that desire to change, and then we can pause to reflect. Reflect on where we are and the journey that might have brought us here. And when we have acknowledged, and quietly accepted, then and only then, do we walk forward and pass through that gateway.

These two runes tell a story which sits within the greater cycle of life.

As we approach the winter solstice we prepare ourselves for the rebirth of the life, the return of the sun, the point from which the daytime once again begins to draw out.

In the final hours before the solstice we are invited to make one last reflection from the dark weeks since Samhain – one last pause before we step forward into the new year, into the next cycle of nature. A time to draw together our achievements, acknowledge our pain or suffering, and accept where we are, releasing our judgement whether it is positive or negative – and in that act of accepting we free ourselves from the shadows – and in that release we create the “space” from which we can move forward and grow – like the days that draw longer and the flora which starts its seasonal reawakening.

As well as the preponderance of evergreen flora – holly, mistletoe, pine – representing the continuity of life – the Celts also gave reverence to the Silver Birch as a symbol of new growth, the first to bring life to barren ground, the guardian at the edge of the forest. Its boughs were cut and used to drive out the spirits of the old year through its qualities and purification and renewal.

The eve of the solstice of called matrum notem – the night of the mother. And in that night, the mother gives birth to a son, in fact The Sun. And this son is one who shall rise and bring light and life to all. A son winter-solsticewho shall release us from the darkness of what lies behind and enable us once again to create anew.

A very common theme for the time of year whichever your faith, LOL.

2016 has been a year of quite remarkable national and international events which seemed to have consumed our lives – but let us not forget our own stories – our own pleasures, our own suffering. Let each of us pause and acknowledge our own journey, and in so doing we shall honour ourselves.

Let us wave the birch branches towards our own emotions and experiences – leave the grand schemes to the grand players – let us release the stale air within and breathe new life once again into ourselves.

Let the son be born, let The Sun rise once more within each of us.


© the mindful horse (images not owned, taken from Bing images search)