The art of recognition

I have been inspired to reflect on the power of recognition by a recent equine healing engagement.

Not for the first time did I find myself intervening in a situation where one party was trying to share their feelings and needs – in fact they were quite desperate – but they were simply not being picked up. Not because of some act of ignorance, but simply a base lack of awareness that the communication was even occurring.

Here was a being that sought recognition – a call to be heard.

We understand what we recognise. More importantly should I say that we do not understand what we do not recognise. Sadly, for our horses we most often focus on our meanings that are structured in language – we understand language not communication – though we often unknowingly respond intuitively connect with the latter.

It starts with the recognition of being.

Acknowledging the sentient existence. The emotional being before us. Once we permit ourselves such awareness we open a door.

How often do appreciate the innate catharsis of being heard – that moment when the load we bare is quietly heard by another; and in that recognition something of the weight is lifted from us.

What if no one ever listens? What if we are shouting and no one hears? How do we feel?

But then, what if someone out of the blue then hears us?

What if some stranger suddenly steps in and says, “I hear you – I stand before you and I recognise your being, I will hear your voice.” We might not quite believe it at first. But if we allow ourselves to trust, how quickly can we establish some kind of information flow. That other being recognising – helps us to recognise – helps us to once again face what we need to face. They stand by us and give us strength. They hold a space where we can recognise what we need to release. Perhaps we may even let something go.

We were just waiting.

Our horses are often just waiting.

Waiting for us to stand before them and recognise.

Recognition is an art, an art of observation. When we empathize we recognise in others what we understand within ourselves.

When we understand that we are not this planet’s sole emotional life – we start create space for recognition – if I can understand my emotional systems, and so acknowledge yours, then I can turn to all life and recognise theirs.

Just because we only see a proportion of the light spectrum it does not mean that more does not exist. The challenge is ours to find the resources to see beyond the lights.

The challenge is ours to create and hold the space for them – humans or horse or any sentient being.  The challenge is ours to develop the recognition of what others are wishing to share.


© the mindful horse, 2017