The capture of Creation

The dragon sat upon the hill top and watched the activity before her.

They were all franticly scurrying back and forth – digging, scraping, dragging and piling.

To the unaware, their industry seemed to reflect some unspoken divine intention, but to the dragon it was clear, she knew the design. This hill was her podium, and the endeavours before her were a physical symphony that she was busy conducting.

Like every fine orchestra there was a leader and that leader would occasionally come forth – summoned – for instruction. An instruction without words but still clear with universal intent. He would then return and share quickly and efficiently through what might have been a series bestial grunts to the cosmos, yet between them it was necessary instruction conveyed through the clumsiness of what served for them as some mother-tongue.

As above so below.

The dragon knew the pattern of the heavens – the dragon was the heavens and she carried every star in her heart and relative geography and perception of them from every possible alighting point through the universe.

She was sharing great knowledge with them in this construct – here she brought the great stellar patterns – here was a giant map of the stars. A map with which one could interact with and travel through without departure from terra firma.

This was her gift to them. This was truth; divine inspiration. The true nature of things. Know thyself, but know thy place; we are but nothing in isolation.

Her gift was connection. Her gift, the awareness of cosmological design and the knowledge that could place one there within. It would establish a point of flow – a point where energy might flow through the land, and into the land – an extra dimensional crossing point.

As above so below.

It would draw in the universal knowledge held since creation – it would channel the very chi within The Creation to the earth.

For those who laboured, and for those in the millennia ahead drawn to this place, there was the gift of wisdom and insight, and to those who were truly open and aware, direction and guidance.

In so many ways there was little need for such an image at this time. For in these times there was awareness of the divine within, there was connection to the oracle of universal life. As for the future …..

The dragon knew of the darker times that lay ahead, unfathomable long ones in human measure but barely a blink of this reptilian eye. The dragon knew that the land here could serve to hold a memory and that that memory would be the light for those who would come in the times of darkness.

Those who would be needed when the time was right, they could come here to be shown, to share and to raise what will by then have long been denied and forgotten. This was would be a place where rebirth might occur through a simple act of belief and recognition.

A padlock might provide the most secure protection – but to those with the key it releases its treasure without dispute.

As above so below.

The dragon smiled as the image took shape. And as it formed before her she measured the heavens and wove an eternal connection from the stars into the soul of this earthly form, and into that connection she triangulated a third point, and that third point was the heart of man. In fact the heart of every man. And there that connection would remain from generation to generation, race to race – sometimes conscious, sometimes dormant, always connected.

Always there to found. Always there to be explored.


(c) The Mindful Horse


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