The dragon of regeneration

Throughout the year the wheel turns.

And as it turns we are offered connection to the essential spirits that inhabit each sacred direction.

As Samhain draws in bringing with it the shadow of lengthening night, the wheel turns, continuing the journey from emotional waters that lie of the west to the matriarchal energies of the earth, of the north. This is a time to look within, a time to reflect and let-go, a time to then look forward. A time to divine.  

In this liminal time, like the wheel we drawn to the earth, like trees shedding leaves to hunker down for the winter, like animals preparing their hibernation. Perhaps we find a cave or a long barrow. A time to connect with the wisdom of our home or of our ancestry; a time to connect with innate but unread knowledge of our DNA.

We enter, we descend. We follow the gentle light of the crystals in the walls around us.


And then there is the cave. A cave without natural light but yet a cave that is subtly lit. Like in the tunnel, the crystals in the wall emit a gentle light. In that gentle light nothing outlines are feint, shapes with form appear without form – we are neither body nor soul, yet we are both.

In that formless surround we know there is water, we do not see it as water, but we sense its life, we hear the gentle sound of its rippling lake. Our souls have descended from the light to the given the gift of life. But first we must give up what is not to be taken forward, and then it is here that we shall be offered regeneration. Here where mother earth will once again share her breath with our lives.

We are aware of an energy rising from the waters, a great warm energy. An energy which rises, coiling out of the water. Drawing closer. We are not afraid, deep within we recognise the form. A soul connects with our soul before the physical touches our skin.

We recognise the dragon. We welcome the dragon. We are open to its embrace.

In that embrace is a gentle compassion. A compassion that acts as a poultice, helping to draw from us all that constrains us – our ailments, our anxieties, those creations of the emotional mind that hold us back.

And as the coils tighten she speaks in unspoken words, in a language of intuitive resonance. Her communication seems to be drawn upward from deep within us. A fire burning with life deep within our hara that rises and re-ignites the love that lies within our hearts.  In those wispy flames we begin to see forms that coalesce or words that form, we turn our third eye to the flames and we understand.

It is then we understand what the dragon has to share. And so we learn. We engage. We discuss. We meditate. We grow wiser.

We give our thanks to the dragon and rest deeper into her coils, she turns her head so that is directly above us. She creates shelter. She offers us her protection.

And so we lay within the coils of the dragon. Foetal. Warm. Protected. For now we sleep, for as long as we need, as long as the dreams that await us have shared their enlightenment.

And only then will the dragon release us from its coils. Only when we are ready to return to the light. Until then we are hers.


© Graeme Green, the Mindful Horse