TMH – rate card

Our basic healing prices are as follows:

– Body scan and general check-up: £35.00
(assumes between 60-90 minutes work, including, scanning, noting outcomes, completing feedback and initial recommendations)

– Chakra balancing/distance healing session: £25.00

– Body scan and healing (when purchased together): £50.00

– 3 healing sessions: £55.00


Shamanic interventions – past lives / soul retrieval etc:

– Initial session (assumes 45 minutes max): £35.00

– Subsequent/follow-up sessions (per 30 minute session): £25.00

– 3 sessions: £60.00


Site review – energy and spirit assessments

–  Map dowsed remotely (by map or drawing or land registry docs): £50.oo per read

– Remote energy healing and site cleansing (follow up to remote dowsing) – £30.00 (per session)

– Location visit:  £100.00 (plus travel, see below).

All of the above are based on distance healing work, supported by documented findings from the sessions. Visits will be charged as above with £0.40 per mile (measured from SE7 postcode)

For telephone support please add £5.oo (assumes to UK landline, up to 45 minutes)

Advance payment is preferred, ideally via paypal to the email address


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